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After School Classes for Preschool and Elementary Kids
Children learn in unique and indivual ways. PlayCreations Kids offers group and private classes for children ages 3-9 years in Literacy, Phonics, Math, Writing, Art, Science and Cooking! Why drive all over the city when the classes come to you! Each class's curriculum was developed to hep children learn through multi-modal learning through play! We make learning fun and hands on. 

Preschool & Elementary After School Emrichment

Families hosting Group Classes recieve 50% off class prices!!!

1. Private Tutoring Play Dates 

These classes are one-on-one and focus on your child's unique learning style and ability level. I come to the house each week with two big bags filled with toys, maniulatives and games I use to teach through play. We work on math, reading and writing with children as young as three. We learn about the sounds each letter makes, how to write the letters and numbers, math concepts like amount, more or less, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and so much more. Every child learns uniquely so it is important to reach each child at their level and teach them in a way that is fun, encouraging and inspiring.

($85 an hour) 


2. Mixed Media- Art Class - 24-36 months/ 3-9 years
Each week we will use various materials to create a new and unique art project. This class is a wonderful sensory experience and children will work with materials such as clay, paint, canvases, recyced materials, feathers, oil pastels, water colors and so much more!  This classs is one of my FAVORITES!
6-8 week course. $180-$225 including cost of all art marterials.
(Private classes also available at $85 each)

 (Private classes also available at $65 each)

3. Phonics and Letters- 3-7 years

We will introduce letters and sounds to young children through fun activities in science, cooking, art, sensory and more.
There are two different classes, one for younger children to introduce sounds and letters, the other for older children to work on pre reading and writing skills.
inquire for prices 
(private classes also available $85 each to introduce reading)


Inquire for pricing

in(private classes also available at $75 eac

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