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A Creative Curriculum with a Fun Approach

PlayCreations offers Mommy and Me Classes, After School Enrichment Classes, One-on-One Parent Consultations, and more to help young minds grow!

A Unique Approach- Jasmine Moradfar M.Ed.

Let me introduce myself, My name is Jasmine Moradfar and I am an Educator. I earned a BA in Psychology and a BA in Sociology at UC Irvine. I went on to earn my Masters in Education with a focus in Early Childhood Education at UCLA, as well as earn my Child Development Permit and teaching credentials. I received a fellowship awarded by the US Department of Education during my time at UCLA, and was part of the IMPACT Duel Credential Program. After graduating, I began working as a preschool teacher for several years before begining PlayCreations Kids.

I saw a need for babies and young children to begin their sensory and art exploration in a fun, safe and creative way. I used what I learned in child development to create a truly unique set of curriculum for sensory and art based mommy and me classes for ages 3 months to 3 years! Each class increases your child’s sensory development, stimulates their brain and encourages physical and emotional growth. We focus on different areas of development such as sensory, motor and language and create projects that engage all the senses at once. The curriculum for each class is developmentally appropriate to fit the needs of infants, babies and young children. Each lesson builds off the next and with each skill your child is working on, I offer at home ideas and activities so that you can continue the fun at home. Come join us for some fun, laughter and learning at one of our many classes!

Along with our Mommy and Me classes I offer in home parenting and preschool readiness consultations. After speaking with many families I realized that parents are looking for help and guidance to ensure they are doing all that they can for their children. There is a ton of information on parenting and child development out there, which can be incredibly overwhelming, intimidating and often contradictory. I am here to help. Help with any need you feel your family may have, and any questions about child development, boundaries, education, play or routines that are unique to your family and your child. Through my education and experience with young children I have learned the value in using the right language to communicate successfully with children. We will work on how to help develop their language skills, how to play with purpose and create a space for learning through play, how to introduce and teach letters and reading, and how to set boundaries and routines to allow children to feel successful, safe and independent.

We also offer consultations on selecting the right preschool for you and your family. The preschool application proccess can be overwhelming, and hard to understand what each school offers and what that would mean for your child. Each child and family is uniqe and with so many amazing preschools to choose from it is important to find the right fit! I come to your home, discuss your needs, what you are looking for and explain what each school that matches your search criteria offers. I will be with you throughout the whole process, applications, interveiws and beyond till you find the perfect magical place for your little one!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Our Mission

Each child learns and develops in their own unique way. PlayCreations Kids believes it is important to meet the individual needs of each child and tailor each class to fit the needs of its students. Our mission is to offer fun, new and inventive classes for young children to stimulate the development of their bodies, social-emotional growth and young minds; focusing on the whole child. Furtermore, to help parents navigate through the overwhelming parenting information available to them and make choices that are right for each family and each individual child. From one-on-one parent counseling, to interactive play-dates and in home Mommy and Me classes, there are a range of classes and services to choose from to fit every need.

What Parents Have to Say

"My son absolutely loves his classes with Jasmine - he looks forward to them and enjoys them so much. Jasmine is educated, passionate, patient, knowledgable and so friendly that any child would completely love her as a teacher. I feel so lucky that my son has the opportunity to be a part of her classes and he has tremendously grown and learned a great deal. Thank you Jasmine and PlayCreations for being so wonderful! I would highly recommend your classes to anyone."

-Sherlyn R.

"Jasmine, PlayCreations founder, is a great teacher and genuinely loves children!! My 18 month old is currently in one of her mommy and me classes and my 3 year old sees her once a week for some prereading and premath play/tutoring. Basically she provides playful learning experiences for all ages. Highly recommended !!"

-Lili G.

"Jasmine's unique classes are based in sensory play and early childhood development. Each week Jasmine comes up with different sensory activities that naturally encourage children to enhance their sense of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. Spending time stimulating their senses helps children develop cognitively, linguistically, socially, physically, and emotionally. As a therapist educated in early childhood development, I can attest to the importance of sensory play not only through my studies, but also through the developmental growth I have seen in my own son by attending Jasmine's classes. I highly recommend taking her classes and giving your child the opportunity to learn, interact, explore, and experiment with the world around them by engaging their various senses."

-Sharon E.

"Taking this class for the first time with a group of friends! I love how different the classes and art projects are! Every week my daughter comes home with a new fun project to show off to her daddy such as a real canvas painting and body painting. Next week were going to plant seeds into a pot and paint the pots. I have no patience to do this kind of stuff on my own at home so it is a breath of fresh air to be able to do it with a group of our friends! Teacher jasmine also explains why she has the kids do the different projects which is also really nice! The class is very hands on and each class has been different from the previous so I'm always excited to see whats in store each week. Highly recommended."

- Desiree G.

"Our art class and getting to know the artist was a real hit with my six year old daughter! She came home with her beautiful painting and a whole lot of knowledge about the artist!"

Naz B.

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