Learning Starts Early

Creating a partnership with parents, PlayCreations is able to offer unique, fun and interesting classes for babies, toddlers and children. We are able to focus on brain development and provide a creative curriculum geared towards language development, sensory play, motor skill development, communication, music and movement, pretend play, and discovery.

Classes are held at either a host family’s home or one of our partner spaces such as Sinai Temple, Le Petit Gan Preschool, Nessah and others! You may join an existing group or choose to start your own! For private groups, the host family is responsible for finding 6-12 families (we can help) that are interested in joining the class. You can also organize private groups at our partner locations as well! Be sure to email us for more info at playcreationskids@gmail.com or hit REGISTER NOW to see the class lists!

Mommy and Me Classes

1. Mixed Media - Sensory, Art and Music Class - 6 months -3 years (classes grouped in 6 month age ranges)

*** Most Popular Class

This class is a fun mix of all different kinds of activities. We spend the first half of class engaging in music and movement. We play with instruments such as drums, xylaphones, and shakers as well as other props like a parachute, scarves and more. We then move on to our art or sensory project of the week where children engage all 5 of their senses as they play and create. We encourage getting messy and exploring with different tools each week. We end class with a story before we say goodbye. It's a 'best of all worlds' situation! The sensory experiences are unique and exciting and the art projects offer fun take homes the kids can look back on and remember what they learned. We have two different sessions, session one is an intro to sensory class, building the child's interest in art and sensory play. Session two offers a greater focus on our bodies and movement, continuing our sensory and art explorations as well. These do not need to be taken in succession. 

7 weeks $285


2. Shabbat Class- 11-17 months and 18m-2.5years

Welcome in the Shabbat and introduce your little ones to their Jewish culture! Our shabbat class is very unique, it is a music, art and sensory Shabbat class! Each week we sing songs in Hebrew and English, play with instruments, a parachute, scarves and other fun activities! Like our other classes we have a sensory or art project every week, however, these revolve around Jewish themes and holidays! We bake Challah, have a pretend shabbat sensory meal, paint wooden shabbat candles sticks, make a kiddish cup and so much more! The classes are tailored for the age groups. After our project, we gather for Kiddush! We light the candles, say the blessings and have a snack of juice and challah! This is truley a special class and the perfect way to get your little one excited about Judaism and Shabbat! We have classes both on Thursday and Fridays! 

Not currently 


3. Sports Motor Play- 2-3 years old

Come join us in the park for a fun filled Sports Class aimed at Gross Motor Development! In this class we work on skills like throwing, running, jumping, passsing, catching, hand-eye coordination, balance and agility. Kids are introducted to many different sports such as soccer, basketball, football, baseball, golf, obstacles courses and more! Each week we run through FOUR different sports games to keep them interested and engaged! It's a great way to get your little one moving, and find out which sport they are most interested in by exposing them to ALL games!

8 weeks $255 (Currently Unavailble)


4. Preschool Prep- 24-36 months

This course is taught and structured to perpare young children for preschool! We begin with a short freeplay time, gather for circle and have some music, movement and pretend play. We move into a large group lesson/project in science, literacy, art or sensory. We may have up to two projects depending on that day's activities and the group's age level. Next we move to a group snack time and end with a fun unique story each week. Parents are encouraged to stay for an additional freeplay and community building time after class. Great way to introduce your child to all the fun preschool will have to offer and help them prepare for what they will encounter when they begin school!




Make-Up Policy

PlayCreations Kids LLC does not offers makeups for any missed classes. No refunds are offered for missed classes and classes cannot be made up in other groups for health and safety reasons.  

Cancellation Policy

Once you have registered for a class, no refunds or cancellations will be allowed. All group members must be paid in full before that day. Most major holidays on secular and religious calendars will be honored and can push back the class by one week; this will not be counted as missed days since the class will not meet. Days off are noted in your online registration class description, only those holidays mentioned in your registration description will be skipped. Your session may also be postponed if a teacher is sick and unable to teach class that week. For in home classes: in the event the host is out of town or sick we can move the class to a local park or to another class members house. There should be a back-up host in the event this happens so we can continue on with the class. 


If PlayCreations Kids LLC cancels your child’s enrollment for any reason, you will receive a one hundred percent (100%) refund for the remainder of classes in the session for which you have paid.


Out Sick

Please notify us via email or phone at least 30 minutes prior to the start of class if you and your child will not be attending so that we are not waiting for you to begin the class. Thank you.