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Birthday parties


Thanks for showing interest in having us at your child's Birthday party! Here is some more info on what we offer!

We have two different stations you can choose from, one is a fun come and go rotating sensory and music station, the other is a craft station. You have can have both or just one station set up at your birthday party! Kids come and go as they please to try out the exciting projects! The craft station has 1-2 craft projects set out that match your child’s birthday theme, we have a ton of projects to choose from and each project a child makes in individually wrapped and labled for them to take home as a party favor! Our Sensory station rotates out the project every 30-45 min for a new an exiting sensory or music and instrument play! We have lots of fun instruments like drums, shakers, ribbon wants, bells, scarves, and more! We also have baby safe and non-messy sensory projects to choose from below!


Our starting package is for two teachers, one station, for 1.5, 2, or 2.5 hours (You can get more time if you want) The more time, the more projects you get in the rotating sensory station! If you want both stations its only an additional $50 and hour and includes and extra teacher! There are a ton of activities to choose from! We also have fun add on’s like sports equipment, climbing areas, tables and chairs etc that can be rented for the party as well.



Sensory Station Only
2 teachers, 1.5 hours is $450 and you get 2 projects/music
2 teachers, 2 hours is $495 3 projects/music
2 teachers, 2.5 hours is $535 4 projects/music2

2 teachers 3 hours is $575 5 projects/music

Craft Station Only:

2 teachers, 1.5 hours is $450 *plus cost of project
2 teachers, 2 hours is $495 *plus cost of project
2 teachers, 2.5 hours is $535 *plus cost of project

2 teachers 3 hours is $575 *plus cost of project

*project wrapping, markers, paint, stickers, table covers, dot paints, crayons etc. are all included in package fee, any additional cost is just for the project itself and is listed below, usually $1-2 per child.

BOTH STATIONS (Most Popular Package)

3 teachers, 1.5 hours is $525 *plus cost of project
3 teachers, 2 hours is $595 *plus cost of project
3 teachers, 2.5 hours is $660 *plus cost of project

teachers 3 hours is $725 *plus cost of project

The teachers will come 30 min earlier to set up, which is not counted in your time so you get the full time for activities. Almost all the project materials are included in the cost unless you choose a project that says additional fee below. We can provide pictures of all projects upon request! Here are your choices:

Non-messy Sensory Station projects include:

Rainbow rice* most popular

Edible cornmeal sand
Potato flakes snow
Dry oats and coconut
Uncooked lentils (make paper shakers take home project)
Mixed media touch sensory bins
Crunchy cereal play
Tricolor spiral pasta uncooked
Beans and bugs bins
Under the sea rice bins
Mixed bean shapes

Farm/oat scene *highly recommended

Alphabet shapes pasta and foam food
Haystack pasta
Fresh flower petal project where we bring fresh flowers and they pick the petals and play (extra $20 total)

Craft Station projects include

Colored edible play dough station ($1 per child)
Mask decorating ($1 per child)

Sand art ($1)

Painting a canvas ($1 per child extra)
Wooden bird house ($2 per child extra)
Wooden picture frame ($2 per child)
Sun catcher painting ($2 per child)
Gardening and decorating terra-cotta pots ($3 per child with seeds/soil) ($5 with succulents)
Canvas art apron decorating ($2 per child)
Canvas tote bag decorating ($2 per child)
T-shirt decorating ($2 per child)
Ceramic box painting, various shapes to choose from ($2 per child)
Candle stick decorating, pair ($3 per child)
Mezuzah making ($3 per child)
Kiddish cup painting ($2 per child)
***Add on item, $15 for 48 crowns for kids to decorate and wear at the party!

*You can choose between paint or our mess free art markers, crayons, stickers and dot paints included in cost


If there is a project we did in class you loved let us know. Also feel free to look on our Facebook page or Instagram at our pictures to see if there is a project you like that is not listed!


Here are some highly recommended “Favorites” among kids and parents to choose from! For a birthday party with mostly young children we recommend the sensory station with rainbow rice, edible sand, farm/oats scene, and Instrument play. For a party with older kids we recommend the Craft Table! The art projects are a great take home and party favor for the older kids. We choose a craft with you to match the theme of your party, we recommend the wooden projects done with markers, stickers, dot paints crayons etc along with crown decorating ($15 extra add on item total for 48 crowns) the kids can come over do the craft and we wrap them up in a bag with a little tag! For a mixed age party we Highly recommend BOTH STATIONS, all ages really enjoy the sensory station, even the older ones, and the younger ones can participate in the craft with help from their parents! There are so many fun craft projects for kids that we can do, many not even listed if you are interested in that we can discuss the options!


Add On’s and Rentals


Tables and Chairs- Child size table and chairs seats up to 16 kids at a time, Great for craft station! $60

Climbing/soft play area/Obstacle Course $60

Soccer equipment net and balls $50

Thanks and we hope to help you celebrate your child's birthday!!